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Concrete Jungle is a new take on the city building genre that swaps micro-management for a more strategic and puzzle-orientated style of city planning.

You have a deck of selected cards which you can use to place buildings. Each building will affect it's surroundings in different ways. The aim of the game is to clear city blocks by gathering the required number of points from your residents, giving more room to build. As the city grows, bigger and better new buildings can be added to your deck!

As you get opportunities to hone and refine your deck, residents will demand more from you. You'll find yourself inadvertently creating zoning puzzles- playing against your own past planning decisions.

Alternatively engage in competitive city planning against challenging AI or local players. Take it in turns to place buildings in the same city and battle over the affection of your citizens!

  • Over 230 cards available with (no micro-transactions)
  • 8 Playable characters each with their own skill trees, unique cards and play style.
  • Hilarious fully voice-acted story mode!
  • Competitive city planning featuring challenging AI in 'Versus' mode.
  • Local competitive/co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players or AI.
  • Gorgeous vibrant, detailed isometric graphics and weather effects.
  • Rich and atmospheric soundtrack featuring Xerxes, D.P. Kaufman & Mokhov.
  • Support for any resolution, border-less window full-screen and controller support.

This purchase includes Windows & Mac builds.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Sep 23, 2015
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Tagsccg, city, City Builder, city-game, deck-builder, Deck Building, Real time strategy, Turn-based Strategy, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial, One button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Concrete Jungle - Windows - 1.19 381 MB
Concrete Jungle - Mac (Native) - 1.19 384 MB
Concrete Jungle - Mac (Wine) - 1.18 384 MB


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This looks really nifty. Still no GoG presence possible ?

This game is tremendous, fyi.  Played on Android (from Play Store) and pretty blown away

Would it be likely to get a Linux port? Thank you!

this is source code include ?

No, sorry.

(1 edit)

Android version ( ͡? ͜? ͡?) ? No, but really though?

In the works :)


Note: The purchase now includes a Steam key! If you've purchased the game via itch prior to this and would like a Steam key also, please contact me here: http://colepowered.com/contact/ using the email address you used to purchase.

Is the itch.io version being actively supported? I noticed the Steam version is currently at v1.11 from October 28.

A GOG.com version would be great to see, as it's a lot easier downloading updates through its client.

It's coming very soon (tonight/tomorrow). The reason the Steam patch hits a little earlier is because I can very quickly update that Steam version and push an update to all users, so if I miss something big in a new patch that needs to be corrected asap, I can do that right away. I've had a few (smaller) cases of this during the last few days that I wanted to fix before making a new installer version, and have done so.

Would love to be on GOG, I did inquire before the game's launch but they had too many titles in their schedule for the month ahead at the time. Hopefully in the near future!

Thanks for the info. Good to know a GOG.com version has been considered, too :)

Any ETA on when this will work with El Capitan? Downloaded it and now I can't play =( Didn't catch in the comments that it wasn't working with this OS yet.

It should be working fine now, at least it's working over here (2014 mac mini, El Capitan).

Maybe it's just me. What are the minimum requirements to run the program? I downloaded and tried both Mac versions but once I unzip the file and click to start the application, it just never goes.

Direct 3D 9 compatible graphics would be the only minimum requirement holding it back. One thing I have been noticing in El Capitan is that you have to open it a few times before it actually responds and opens- I have no idea why that is the case. Try alt-mouse > open a few times, and it should eventually start. Sometimes it takes a little while to start when you first run it.

Coming very soon (will upload here tomorrow). Just seeing if there's any last minute fixes I need to do before updating the installer version.

Nice, I know how I'm spending my free time this weekend. Thanks!


Shame, meant 1.0.7+ for OS X. Looks like I'll need to find something constructive to do with my time. ;)


Unfortunately waiting on wine to get fixed for El Capitan first. Will get on it as soon as possible!